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Help Wanted at Camp Grace Bentley


The Camp Grace Bentley board’s members have been paying attention to all the available information about COVID-19 as well as precautions being taken and recommended by the State of Michigan. They are concerned that even with the current precautions and pace of the vaccine rollout there would still be a degree of risk that they do not feel comfortable with. Also the camp is only open for six weeks in the summer and we are uncertain that it would be safe to open during that specific time period. Therefore, the decision has been made to not open camp for the 2021 camp season.

This is something we were hoping would not have to happen this year, but we feel that it is the best choice to be made with all of the information we currently have. We realize that summer is still six months away, we do not believe that the situation would improve enough for us to safely have camp. We will miss seeing campers and thank you for your continued support during this difficult time. If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation to support the camp, they can do so through our new online donations page found under the Donations tab. These donations will help us continue our mission of serving those with special needs when we return next summer.